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Pitch Train is the perfect tool for achieving Absolute Pitch. Try it for free!


NOTE: During installation, if a message pops up with the choices: Abort/Retry/Ignore, always choose "Ignore". This is typical, and the software will install properly.

What are people saying about Pitch Train?

Pitch Train is STILL the best ear trainer out there. - Jeff Christy
GREAT Program - NO Gotchas and it REALLY WORKS! - Debbie Stevens
Don't let the CHEAP price fool you, Nice Program! - Jesse Buckner
CLEAN Application; No Spyware; No Adds; No Surprises - Joe Barker
It Works! I can name the notes! - Duane Murray
Well coded, perfectly stable, BUG FREE! - Hou Yea Chen
No-nonsense, simple, does the job - Karen DeLahoya
Severely Underpriced - Rose Cohen
Pitch Train is the hands-down king of ear trainers. - David Jenkins

Pitch Train 2019 now allows you to choose from 128 instruments!

The Trail Program NEVER Expires... It is identical to the full program, except that some notes are unavialable when quizzing.


Pitch Train is a small clean program, easy to uninstall.

DO NOT PAY BEFORE INSTALLING! Please download and install the software and try it out. If you are satisfied, then you may choose to pay the registration fee.

Only $9.95

Registered users are entitled to free upgrades for life, even after the price increases, so register now before the price goes up to something more reasonable.

What happens when I pay?

Absolute Pitch (or Perfect Pitch) is the ability to recognize musical notes by listening. Musicians who can play musical instruments by ear often attribute that ability to absolute pitch.

Free Sheet Music Appreciation Award

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